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Measure. Strategize. Grow. Protect.

Achieve your highest ambitions

Orkid serves the owners of small and medium businesses by solving real pains, connecting them to trusted partners and a community of experts, and providing them with tools to more comprehensively measure their business through the various stages of business growth and maturity. We help these owners define their vision and measure where they are on the journey of realizing that vision.


Ultimately, with the help of Orkid's affiliates, business owners will know how to make informed decisions about their resources, employees, and customers that will accelerate the realization of their highest ambitions.

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We've been here. We know what works

We found that many small business owners don't have the time, expertise, or resources to measure and define their business metrics and goals. In other words, many don’t even know where they are going nor do they know how to measure the changes they are working so hard to make--with their customers, with their employees, and with their finances.


We solve their pains and show them the practices of top performers. We connect them to our network of trusted Partners who can help them improve and measure improvement in areas of need.



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